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but who will save the wee turtles?

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Name: Nephele
Fandom: OC
Alignment: Limbo
PB: Alexz Johnson

Occupation: Thief, spy and general sneak-for hire, Nephele excels at all things covert. She might stick out in a crowd a bit, but she has other ways of going unnoticed.

Appearance: Small and wiry, Nephele doesn’t register as feminine at first. In pants and a loose shirt, she can easily pass for a skinny boy. Her doll-like face gives her away; her eyes are large and very blue, and she takes pains to style her short, white hair. She has pianists’ hands, thin with long, clever fingers. She moves like an acrobat, always balanced on the balls of her feet.

Abilities: Neph practices the little-known art of Allomancy. Allomancers achieve different physical and mental abilities by ingesting and “burning” different metals and alloys. There are ten Allomantic metals, each with a unique effect. Some practitioners can use all, while others are restricted to one:

-Iron: Pulls on nearby metals
-Steel: Pushes on nearby metals
-Tin: Enhances physical senses
-Pewter: Enhances physical abilities
-Brass: Soothes the emotions of others
-Zinc: Riots the emotions of others
-Copper: Hides magic being practiced
-Bronze: Reveals magic being used by an unshielded practitioner
-Gold: Reveals one’s actual and possible life path.
-Atium: VERY rare, this last metal grants the user the ability to predict the actions of others within a few second window.

By swallowing a few flakes of each metal, Nephele can accomplish super-human feats. But should her supply run out, she’d be a normal girl. Allomancers rely on timing, tricks and careful allocation of their metals to succeed. It’s a subtle art suited to spies and assassins, but it relies heavily on balance and fundamental survival skills. Neph is adept at fighting dirty and, like all other Allomancers, is always armed with a pair of glass knives. She carries her metals in a small sport-bottle, suspended in water to be easily swallowed. A pouch of steel and iron fragments rounds out her supplies.

Some of her colleagues are able to directly affect the metals in a human body, or to pierce the effects of copper and bronze used by others. Nephele is nowhere near that powerful, and typically keeps her head down and her neck out of serious trouble.

Personality: It’s hard to find a more cheerful, happy-go-lucky girl than Nephele. She’s as bubbly as a Labrador on speed, with an equivalent attention span. She can be brisque and businesslike when it comes to work and Allomancy, but her professional focus doesn’t even begin to affect her private life. She lives like a magpie, her small apartment cluttered with bright bits and bobs. It’s very hard to find any of her ill-gotten-gains in all that mess, and maybe that’s the whole point. Nephele is very intuitive, and often does seemingly clever things on impulse, without any real thought.

Her scatter-brained behavior masks a startling ability to multitask. When tuned in on a job, her brain can take notes and make plans at lightning speed. Although her Allomancy isn’t as strong as others’, she’s usually many steps ahead of her opponent. Her babbling is as much a skill as a quirk; it enables her to say a lot without saying anything at all to unfriendly ears.

Neph laughs often, finds joy in small things and makes friends easily. Despite that, she’s a very lonely person; her profession doesn’t exactly allow for many close relationships. Most of her friendships are superficial, she moves around a great deal and she has to be careful what she says to whom. She tends to latch onto parental figures in a bad way.

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Allomancy is the intellectual property of Brandon Sanderson, as seen in his Mistborn series. Nephele is an original character of no legal interest to anyone. No profit is made from this journal. Character and player are both eighteen or older.
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